Our Staff

Christopher Fraser, EHS Specialist

Christopher Fraser, EHS Specialist at SafEnvirons Inc.

Christopher is an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Specialist with multi-state experience working with environmental regulations and compliance programs that joined SAFENVIRONS, Inc. in June 2020.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2016 and is skilled in environmental management, storm water program compliance, and conducting full-service multimedia Environmental, Health, and Safety audits.  Since 2016, he worked in many industries including several large specialty chemicals facilities and dairy processing industries in Southern California, and concrete batch plants in Texas.


Christopher has comprehensive experience in environmental health and safety audits, EPCRA 311/312 and Toxic Release Inventory reporting, NPDES storm water program management, RCRA hazardous waste reports, and SPCC plans.  In addition, he also has extensive experience providing environmental and OSHA training.

Additional training and certificates include; Qualified Industrial Storm Water Practiciioner (QISP), AWWA Utility Risk and Resilience Certification.