As I take time to reflect on the past 20-years it is absolutely amazing how quickly time does fly!  It seems like only yesterday that I was hired to run the QC Lab at the IMC-Americus granulation plant.  After my 17-year career with IMC came to an unexpected end, I found myself without a job for the first time in my adult life.  After out-placement training, numerous unsuccessful job interviews, and a gracious offer to “finance any business that you want to start” from a long-time Christian businessman I realized that God was calling me to step out in faith and trust Him completely with my family and my future.

The past 20-years have brought us many friends and clients in both agri-business and general industry without whom we would not be successful.  We appreciate your business and the many referrals that you have given us.  While Christ is the cornerstone of what we do, each of you have been a blessing during the past 20-years.  In preparing for the future we have expanded our staff, moved into offices with space for growth, and launched our new webpage with hopes that we can be a blessing to each of you.

This business was founded after diligent prayer and at the urging of Christian brothers in the business community. We strive to conduct our business and ourselves in a manner that brings glory and honour to Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to provide high quality, reasonably cost safety and environmental consulting services to the service, manufacturing, and transportation industries.