Environmental Compliance

Air Permitting

Companies constructing a new facility, expanding production, or modifying operations may be subject to air quality permitting requirements. Industrial sources must be designed, constructed, and operated to comply with all applicable air quality regulations. Air quality permitting requirements can exist within a range of regulatory programs, including state and local codes, and federal programs such as New Source Review, MACT Standards, and operating permit programs. SafEnvirons, Inc. can assist with all phases of the air permitting process.  The years of experience our staff members have completing permitting projects translates into accurate, timely permit applications that are strategically crafted for maximum flexibility. Projects have ranged from collecting all data and determining the optimum pathway for the permitting process to simple revisions of permits. We provide compliance programs to support continued compliance after obtaining the permit. We evaluate each client’s project to ensure that the proper permit is being sought and that the permit contains sufficient flexibility for the facility to operate efficiently.

Air Permitting related services include:

  • Air Emissions Inventory Evaluations
  • Air Permitting
    • Minor, Synthetic Minor, and Title V Permit Applications
    • PSD Avoidance Guidance and Permitting
  • MACT Compliance Assistance
    • Major and Area Source
  • Emissions Modeling
  • Compliance Plans and Calendars