Department Of Transportation

DOT Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Training

DOT regulations require that all employers that transport hazardous materials, cause hazardous materials to be transported or shipped, offer hazardous materials for sale, manufacture containers or packaging for hazardous materials, or recondition packaging for hazardous materials must train their employees on the applicable DOT regulations.  The training requires all employees that are involved in the handling, preparation, or transportation of the hazardous materials receive General Awareness / Familiarization, Function Specific, Security, and Safety training as described in the regulations.  The training program that SafEnvirons, Inc. offers is approximately six hours of customized training that covers the applicable regulations related to DOT HAZMAT employee Training.  The general awareness / familiarization section of the training will provide employees the basics of the HMR regulations and assist them with identifying hazardous materials. It includes: Identifying HAZMAT Employers / Employees, Determining the difference between hazardous materials and hazardous substances, Placarding, Labeling, and Marking of containers, DOT Hazard Classes, A detailed review of the HAZMAT Table, and Shipping Paper Review.  The function specific section of the training will cover the requirements for various types of employees including: Warehouse Personnel, DOT HAZMAT Drivers, Clerical Staff, Shipping Clerks, and Supervisors.  The security section of the training covers the three required sections: personnel security, site security, and en-route security.  The training will cover the facilities written plan, specified duties in the plan, and the potential security risks identified in the facilities security assessment.  The safety / emergency response section covers immediate notification requirements in the event of an unintended release of a hazardous material or hazardous substance and the emergency response procedures that should be followed. It also ensures that employees know how to protect themselves from the hazardous chemicals onsite. Finally, the employees will receive awareness level training as required by OSHA’s HAZWOPER standard.